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GSoC 2015 Extending Site Audit - Setting Up Dev Environment

· Drupal 8 GSoC 2015 Site Audit Drush

I was selected for Google Summer Of Code 2015 program under Drupal. My project is to extend Site Audit under the mentorship of Jon Peck and my proposal for the project can be found here.

Weeks before the coding period started, the first challenge was to set up a developemnt environment such that both me and my mentor can test the work I do in a consistent way. Following are some of the things I did and learned in the process.

Installing Composer

Composer is a package manager for PHP. Pcakage manager for most of the linux distros have composer in their official repositories. So, intalling it is simple. In my case, I used sudo pacman -S php-composer

Installing drush

Drush is a command line shell for Drupal. Drupal 8 requires version 7 of Drush. To install drush 7 from the latest HEAD using composer, run the following command composer global require drush/drush:dev-master

Install drupal 7.36 via drush

Install drupal-8.0.0-beta10 via drush

Setting up drush aliases

Drush aliases provide a way to run drush commands on a drupal site from any directory.

Backing up and Restoring site using Drush

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