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A summer for Drupal

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Today has been great for me in many ways. I reached the 1000 friends mark on fb, scored good in an exam. But the best thing that happened to me today is getting accepted into Google Summer Of Code'14.

This is the first time I applied in this program and getting selected has been nothing less than pure bliss. I am exaggerating a little here but there is that feeling that lasts just for a few seconds. After that, it is goes away in GPL :P, contemplating about the summers and gloating over the results.

In the past month, that it took for the results to be announced after proposal submission, I was topped up with anticipation. Last few minutes before the accepted proposals were announced, I was so tense with pounding heart and butterflies in my stomach! Add to that the extreme sluggishness with which the results loaded when they were announced. It took more than five minutes for my name to show up on the screen. But all’s well that ends well.

My project for GSoC is to port Securesite module to drupal 8. The securesite module gives the facility to authenticate users using http basic auth/ digest auth. Admin can restrict access to pages based on user role. This means the site will be inaccessible to search engines and crawlers, but you can still allow access to certain users. It is especially helpful when the site is under construction or maintenance. The full proposal is available here. I hope to have an enjoyable summer with drupal.

Thanks to Adarsh and Vikraman for guiding me throughout the application period.

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