About Me

I am Shivanshu, a 5th year B.Tech M.Tech Dual Degree student at IIT Kanpur studying Computer Science and Engineering. I will graduate in summer 2016 and will be joining Goldman Sachs, Banglore office later this year.

I am the type of being that conforms to The Hacker Attitude and try to utilize my time in solving some fascinating problem through technology but I am yet to complete my 10000 hours to master the craft. I am particularly interested in Web technologies, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Web and Computer Security. I also contribute a little to open-source and have participated twice in Google Summer Of Code under Drupal.

I try to read as much as I can and I read all kinds of books from History to Philosophy to Murder Mysteries. Some of my favorites are Pride & Prejudice(I know, right?)

The God Delusion, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. You can see the list of books that I have read or I am reading on my goodreads profile. I also like to watch lots of movies/tv-series/anime in my free time and have a propensity towards binge-watching entire tv-series or an anime.

Blog Name?

Why ninjaduck?
It is an offbeat unconventional name, hence feels more personal and sounds cool. It also has a story behind it which the world will never know.